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22th & 23rd December 2012, M'sia's world's biggest cos event \o/
I'm a lazy person and I shall let pictures do the talking~

Day 1: Saber (F/Z Group)

Photo thx E-jump

My wig started sliding off gg...Photo thx Joseph Low

Photo thx Keith Chong

'Full' Group~Photo thx Azriq

This was around when I finally arrive at the event at around 4 pm...Photo thx Kiwira

Fate Zero CAST:
Gilgamesh CN CK Takoyaki
Lancer CN Hara Takumi…
Saber CN Shin
Tohsaka CN Andros…
Kayneth CN Doru…
Kiritsugu CN Calvin…
Waver CN Rox
Kariya CN Ryo

This is my first time attempting to recruit a full group cause I really really love Fate Zero! FZ is like the 2012 must watch anime! I watched Fate Stay Night before but wasn't really fond of it even though I finished the entire series. Hence it was the reason that hindered to watch Fate/Zero. When I finally watched the 1st episode of FZ I was totally hooked with the anime like mad! and I started to like FATE series!

Gilgamesh is my favourite character of all time! But sadly I can't cos him due to my height and manliness so I went for saber instead. We actually had Berserker and a Rider but sadly they ffk us 2 weeks before the event... so I was quite demotivated and I went through a lot of social shit in December and November. Had to deal with assignment stress, difficult college mates, and demanding relatives. I have no idea how many times I broke down in tears.

I wasn't really sastisfied with my Saber due to the make up and armor inaccuracies especially excalibur that I vomited out within 24 hours. Our Lancer decided to take my box of bottom lashes to the event and I had no bottom lashes for Day 1 lol XD

Some of us didn't preorder CF tickets and that was a big mistake, we end up wasting 3 hours to line up from Isetan into Hall 1/2. It was a lineception indeed. In comparison with AFASG, the line was very long too but it was moving at a constant speed and it took use less than 20 minutes to buy a ticket. I was annoyed and frustrated because the line was moving very slowly and the heat was unbearable. I felt very bad for the parents who lined up behind me with their kids. Since they are not into ACG and they are willing to wait together with their sons.

The ticket booths were very poorly managed and unorganized. I was expecting something more. Well at least a proper sign where the ticket booth is. We were basically aimlessly lining up and we have no idea where the ticket booth is. I even asked one of the ushers where it was but she didn't even know where it is. oTL Some ushers were very rude, I felt like a sheep and a lab rat. Felt like I was being ordered and not asked. There was no magic words: Please, Excuse me, Sorry nor Thank you at all. Since there was only one entrance and one exit. Everyone was forced to exit to the same path. That explains the massive crowd and confusion because many did not know where the exit was. :|

Want to shout out to :iconxsaye: for cosing my Iri!

Sorry we left you ;__; out but hope you have a great sale with your booth!

Day 2: Train Heartnet (Black Cat)

with 夏 プリン~

with Bachiiiiiii <3

Black Cat CAST:
Sven CN Hara
Train CN Shin

LOL since I got my lashes back from lancer I spammed at Train and that was not a smart move.. I look very weird... gg... But anyhow thanks Hara for cosing with my Black Cat!! Day 2 I was bored and very tired... Still annoyed with the system and management in the hall. Again with the rude ushers.. was pretty much fed up.

However not many recognized us from Black Cat, for those who did were the one's around our age but still happy that you guys still remember Black Cat! /brbtearsofniagarafalls Solomon Freeman said hi to me while I was going to the booth area, he called me man of doughnut wwwww and Danny Choo was behind him I said hi to him by accident without realizing him who he was at that moment. XDD

I really enjoyed the booths and I got my hands on :icongtako: 's artbook!!!, met :iconrei-i: too!!! and Magi merchandises~ I got Rei-i's signature so happyyyy but Gtako was there to sign her artbook :(

Day 2 :iconshadowdorumon: was fabulous! and thanks for being in a wheelchair on day1! XD

Nevertheless I enjoyed the nights we stayed in impiana Hotel~ Big thank you to roommates! Doru, Cili Padi, Lavena, Alex, Hara, Andros and Ming! I got to see :iconherotenka: too! too bad :iconpluehunter: couldn't attend CF2012 due to studies :( But urgh for both days I couldn't eat well... The more I ate the more nauseaus I was...

Sorry I didn't give out coscards.. I only printed like 36... and most of the time I ninja because I felt to paiseh I didn't have any to give out.. sorry orz

The year 2012 is going to end soon! Here's a compilation of the cosplays for events and shoots I have done this year:

So how is your 2012?
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pandagirl7084 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
>w< i saw you walking frm the food court heading towards CF hall~XD u didnt had the coat/donutwww on yet but when i saw that i was like OMGEEEBLACKCATTRAINNNNNNNN XDDD HAHA~memories~ u look awesome! (y) orz i feel so awkward here pfft /runs n hides
FalconMage Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
Ahhh.. so you guys were the big huha that my friend were telling me about. He was excited to see kiritsugu cosplay and told me about it and the whole gang there. Great! I plan to cosplay as Rider from Fate/Zero but having problems with the hair and beard.
animaxfreak123 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student Artist
I saw your Black Cat cosplay and took a picture of both you and Hara as sven~!
Didn't introduce myself though~omo~
viospace Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
I failed to find u during CF.
and during the dinner when hara came over, I DIDN'T KNOW THE ONE SITTING BESIDE HIM IS YOU.
omg I wanna kill myself pls. /stabs self
Shin8ix-cos Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Actually on Friday Lavena introduced me to you at Isetan.... did you not remember ;___;
lol it's okayyy... You're not the first to not recognize me no worries!
viospace Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
I'm so sorry that I couldn't recognize you. T_T
I hope there will be chance when I can talk to you more then! <3
momo5596 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD 想不到你是马来西亚人~Orz

Shin8ix-cos Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
TM? Tinier Me么?是的是的~我会是像哪个国家的人呀?
momo5596 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shin8ix-cos Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you!
pluehunter Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
\o/ So niceee all the photos taken! *A* ) It's a miracle that you rush out a Saber armor within a month(?)+ And yeah I must agree, Kay Li looks fab on day 2. o_o )b

I sitll love your Emonzaemon, Train and yuki(Tsuritama) cosplays most out of all the cos you did in 2012. T.T )
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